Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Making buttons

Last week was the first foray into actually making. I had, as usual, a head full of ideas but I've found that this alone is not enough to guarantee success. Usually, it leads to frustration and disappointment as the world fails to conform to my plans. (The small person has the same problem. But she is allowed to bellow when things go wrong. Apparently, I'm not).

Anyway, having been dissuaded from getting kiln (bah! what d'ye mean, we've nowhere to put it?) I reckoned I've give some airdry clays a go. Supposedly they dry rock-hard. Hmm. Am I too cynical when I immediately spot this phrase as a potential for disaster?

So, I squished and squeezed, pummelled and rolled, moulded and pressed, drew out designs and left a whole heap of button-shaped objects to dry. I got a bit distracted by the process (think: plasticine for grown-ups) and even more distracted by the fact that my brand of choice smells of marzipan but I was good and restrained myself from using up the entire kilo. Life here being as it is I only got a chance to check them this morning. And guess what?

Rock solid!

Sanding, painting and varnishing come next - this is not a highspeed process. But I am absolutely chuffed to bits that they worked!


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see them! & marzipan = yum!

  2. I use airdrying clay at work with the children. It is great. I am looking forward to seeing your buttons.

  3. Marzipan does indeed = yum! Quite distracting, it was.

    Cross fingers for me, if I can get the small person taken care of this weekend (and if I can find how to get piccies into this blog) then we might be in luck by Monday.*

    *I probably lie, but if I've written it down, there's a chance it might happen?