Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Maker Pages and More!

After the weekend's victory over coding (yes, I'm allowed to crow. No, I'm not tellling you how long it took) I've been fighting through the little quirks of KompoZer and OS. This is not the fun bit.

However, we have the first of the fine silver buttons listed at and the extra photo pages up too.

Silver Spiral: and

There are 3 more amazing silver buttons to come. Next week I start on a non-buttony addition to

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Victory is mine!

The first of the Maker Pages is complete!

I still have a way to go, but each handmade listing will have a link to the Maker Page of the Maker, as well as a page of extra photos. Komposer is my friend.

The page is still fairly basic, there is soem tweaking and beautifying to be done, but having got over this first hurdle with only a couple of scrapes (no broken legs, no barked shins) I'm really feeling quite proud.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...

It does seem, some days, as if this entire project is moving at a petty pace, but like a swan, while there may be calm serenity on the surface there is a great deal going on underneath.


The commercial listings are almost finished bar some last-minute stocktaking to see how many of what I really have and this weekend we venture back into html.

I haven't done much coding for a long while and even past experience was pretty basic, so the next few days should be...interesting. If on Monday morning I am greyfaced, white haired and gibbering then you'll know the coding won!

Generally, I like using OSCommerce for Boutonnerie. It is easy to use from the back-end and it is a familiar format for those who I hope are my target market. True, I can't add frills, flash, bells and whistles but then, even if I could, I probably wouldn't. The one thing about this format that does irritate me is that each listing has only one photo.
So, as I'm moving on now to the handmade pieces, not only do I need to write a Maker Page for each person but each handmade listing is going to need another page of pics. I have elegant silver buttons, I have fabulous polymer clay buttons, I have sewing rolls and I have more buttons coming. Simply not possible to show them in all their glory with a single 100x80 photo.

And just as a sneak peak for what is coming next week:

Monday, 11 May 2009

Eye of the storm

Amidst the weeks chaos I did get a couple of straight hours to work on the site. Ribbons are now up, as are felt squares. The squares I scannned as we were having a typical Derbyshire spring day (wet, blutery, lights on in the house at midday) and I though I'd get more accurate colours.


The colours are accurate. Better than the camera would have given...but...resizing and cropping has led to some odd effects. Essentially, any stray fibre - and felt is never completely one colour - has pixillated itself like nobodys business! Hence the colourwarp.

The plan (stop laughing at the back. I always have a Plan. Whether or not life conforms is another matter) is to get the commercial items finished this week. I have the first of the handmade buttons here (and being treasured), the first of the handmade sewing items. I have 3 different makers lined up to produce buttons in different materials - but I want to give them all sufficient limelight. I also need to give people sufficient time to make.

So, once the commercial items are listed then we start on the handmades and the Maker Pages. If you are making for me, be assured I will be in touch soon asking all sorts of inconvenient questions!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

On the plus side

We are now indexed by google, we have the sitemaps sorted, the handmade sewing rolls are here and are perfect! The plan is to fill them up - needles, pins, thimble, tapemeasure etc as they would be a real treat for a new seamstress or as a gift. They are wonderfully well made and really beautiful.

Also by the same post came the first of the handmade buttons. The photos I saw of them before they arrived were amazing, but now they are here, I don't want to let them go! They will be the most expensive buttons on the site, but at handcrafted, pure silver...they are worth every penny!

And today I have contacted 2 new makers both of whom I'm delighted to say are happy to help stock We are still working out the details but I'm happy to know that there are more good things on the way to the shop and that Boutonnerie is making a start in helping artisans increase their business!

A Spanner in the Works

No, not a spammer. Though the number of people who seem to think I want to lose weight, enlarge non-existent bits of my anatomy or buy a gold watch have to be seen to be believed!

Where was I? No idea, these days! The Mr has gone and broken himself. Not disasterously but in a manner that means he cannot bend down, cannot lift anything and can't comfortably stand up for long. This will get fixed but in the meantime I may be little absent. More than normal, that is. For though I am no shrinking violet, no delicate petal, there are things I rely on him for. Things we both took for granted - lifting sacks of feed or compost, carrying the laundry out to the garde, helping move boxes in the stock room, carrying parcels to the post.

Strange - and irritating - that one small thing can cause so much upheaval to what we fondly liked to consider as the smooth running of the household.

And so - if you are wondering what is happening with, or wondering why I seem to have vanished off the face of the planet, I promise things are happening but just at a slower rate than planned.