Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Spanner in the Works

No, not a spammer. Though the number of people who seem to think I want to lose weight, enlarge non-existent bits of my anatomy or buy a gold watch have to be seen to be believed!

Where was I? No idea, these days! The Mr has gone and broken himself. Not disasterously but in a manner that means he cannot bend down, cannot lift anything and can't comfortably stand up for long. This will get fixed but in the meantime I may be little absent. More than normal, that is. For though I am no shrinking violet, no delicate petal, there are things I rely on him for. Things we both took for granted - lifting sacks of feed or compost, carrying the laundry out to the garde, helping move boxes in the stock room, carrying parcels to the post.

Strange - and irritating - that one small thing can cause so much upheaval to what we fondly liked to consider as the smooth running of the household.

And so - if you are wondering what is happening with, or wondering why I seem to have vanished off the face of the planet, I promise things are happening but just at a slower rate than planned.


  1. Oh dear! Hope your Mr recovers soon - these things always seem to happen though don't they? I know it's always one thing after another in the mousie house...

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who fate seems to think needs derailing from time-to-time.

    Hope Mr gets better soon, and household returns to smooth-running status.