Saturday, 20 March 2010

Creative Frenzy

Well, not only has there been digging, playing with fabric, taking silly arty pics, but there has also been knitting. I had a little break a few days ago - it seems to have put the lead back in my pencil when it comes to new ideas.

I have felted one rug and knit another:

Scraps and oddments of blues, greens, purples and greys. 3 strands on 15mm needles. The main strand is a frogged Noro sweater. Heresy? Maybe, but it made me look worryingly like a boiled egg topped with an egg cosy and besides - I can no longer wear wool. It has, however, made a very pretty felted rug!

And while hunting out all my bits and bobs of colours for the rugs I found these:

A whole box of Colinette Giotto pieces. They're not full skeins, so I have the fun of combining colours (something that can keep me amused for far too long). I've used these in the past for the Ribbon Scarves but this time I've decided to go for something lighter and lacier. Something that might just work well with the new shawl pins in stock.

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  1. the new yarn is really pretty yon spill - gorgeous colours :)