Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Barbecued Pots Part 2

So, after leaving things to smoke and smoulder for several hours, the contraption was cool enough to open.

The wood underneath had burnt away and the shavings were reduced to a fine crumbly ash, as had much of the seaweed. I had expected it to burn away completely but it was still there

(sorry about the picture quality - the camera objected to taking photos of dark things at dusk)

So, a bit of cleaning and we had 6 pots of assorted shades of grey. What hadn't worked was the bean tin saggars - the shavings were still completely uncombusted. The answer to that was simple

1 enthusiastic pyromanic + 1 restored Victorian kick-forge

= 1 collection of smokefired beads and buttons

The pots and  beads are now for sale here

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