Tuesday, 25 June 2013

String Theory

Well, I am well and truly moved, settled in and starting to find a routine. rather strange after 10 years of working on whatever the weather dictated I could, but now I have set hours, set times and the very faint hint of organisation.
 I no longer post at weekends, so Monday is a big packing day. Which means Tuesday is restocking day. Today was down for refilling the linen drawer

and as winding string onto card is slooooow, it became a thinking day too.
First thought - and it is a fairly frequent one for me - was I need more colours. So far I have some marbled, some natural shades and a few pastels and a few brights. But it seems my supplier has some new shades in, gorgeous darks and brights and so, soon, shall I.

The next thought centered around "what to do with...?"
Moving the studio brought to light all sorts of bits and pieces, including these little boxes. I've been using them for packaging the Embroidery bags but there are still rather a lot.

Handily, they hold 6 wooden spools of linen!

Coming soon to Paperspill in assorted mixes of colours. And yes, you can pick your own :-)

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