Saturday, 10 September 2011

An apple a day...

...keeps the Dr away

if this is true, we shan't be visiting him any time soon. Not that we ever actually do, but that's another matter.

September is here and whilst trying not to fall into a mire of cliche about mellow fruitfulness, the garden really has surpassed itself this year.

Remember this?

today it looked like this:

The fruit trees have done well this year (cue gratuitous pic of pretty apples) after being transplanted, we have nearly recovered from shifting 20 tonnes of brick rubble and top soil and all in all we are quite pleased with life at the moment.

What I am slightly less pleased about is the prospect of finding homes for these

Anyone for pie?


  1. Wow, look at them all !! I wish I had a garden and trees to look after as well. Having none of these, I just might accept the invitation :)

  2. harvesting is great :)
    apple pie..cake..chutney.....